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Analele Universitatii din Oradea, Fizica, tom XVI, 2006

Colegiul de redactie al revistei   Redactor Sef - Prof. univ. dr. ing. Teodor Traian Maghiar
  Secretar - Prof. univ. dr. ing. Mircea Pop

Comitetul de redactie al fasciculei FIZICA   Prof. univ. dr. Teodor Jurcut
  Prof. univ. dr. Sanda Monica Filip
  Conf. univ. dr. Eugen-Victor Macocian
  Lector univ. dr. Monica Flora
  Lector univ. dr. Cristian Horea

Colectivul de referenti stiintifici   Prof. univ. dr. Ioan Ardelean
  Prof. univ. dr. Onuc Cozar
  Prof. univ. dr. Constantin Cosma
  Prof. univ. dr. Gheorghe Ilonca

Cuprins - volumul A

1. M. Todica, T. Jurcut, C. V. Pop Some properties of the NMR spin-spin relaxation of the polybutadiene-toluene solutions
2. S. Nagy, K. Sailer Phase structure of the massive sine-Gordon model
3. A. Marcu Traveling waves solutions for KdV-Burgers equations in Mathematica 4.0
4. A. Teusdea Performances for face recognition with phase input joint transform correlators to noise and image resolution
5. A. Vlad Kinetics of oxide growth on metal surfaces
6. L. Chioncel Local Density Approximation method for correlated metals

Cuprins - volumul B

1. G. Ilonca, F. Beiuseanu, P. Balint, M. Bodea, E.V. Macocian and T. Jurcut Hall effect, magnetoresistivity and magnetic properties of MgB2 thin films with ALN buffer layers
2. I. Ardelean, M. Flora Comparative study about the EPR behaviour of the
xMnO•(100-x)[2B2O3•As2O3] and xMnO•(100-x)[2B2O3•PbO]
3. T. A. Beu Simulations of biological ion channels
4. L. Daraban, L. Daraban, T. Fiat The use of isotopic neutron sources for some radionuclides production
5. C. Sbarciog Morphological aspects of YBCO epitaxial thin films
6. I. Stanca On the origin of the photovoltaic effect in YBCO thin films

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