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Analele Universitatii din Oradea, Fizica, tom XIII, 2003

Colegiul de redactie al revistei   Redactor Sef - Prof. univ. dr. ing. Teodor Traian Maghiar
  Secretar - Prof. univ. dr. ing. Cornel Antal

Comitetul de redactie al fasciculei FIZICA   Prof. univ. dr. Teodor Jurcut
  Prof. univ. dr. Sanda Monica Filip
  Asistent Monica Toderas

Colectivul de referenti stiintifici   Prof. univ. dr. Ioan Ardelean
  Prof. univ. dr. Onuc Cozar
  Prof. univ. dr. Constantin Cosma
  Prof. univ. dr. Vladimir Znamirovschi

Cuprins - volumul A

1. C. Cosma, T. Jurcut, I. Pop Radon and Radium content in geothermal waters from Oradea zone
2. V. Pop, L. David, C. Simut, S. Filip, M. Dragan Spectroscopic investigation of copper (II) complex with mixed ligands, aspartic acid and urea
3. C. Simut, L. David, O. Cozar Spectroscopic and magnetic investigations of oxygen-bonded copper (II) beta-diketonate complexes
4. C. Simut, O. Cozar, L. David, D. Cosma Spectroscopic and magnetic investigations of dimeric copper (II) complexes
5. M. Feher, A. Stan, C. Simut A comparative study for the distribution of absorbed dose in tissue at irradiation of rhinopharyngeal tumours with fascicles of different energies
6. M. Bodean, A. Stan, C. Simut A comparative study of the distribution of absorbed dose in tissue at irradiation of lung tumours
7. S. Cuna, G. Muresan, O. Cozar Metoda pentru determinarea compozitiei izotopice a carbonului din materia organica din plante
8. V. Militaru Preocupari privind poluarea de radiofrecventa a mediului
9. Z. Moldovan Identification of pollutants structures by electron impact and chemical ionisation mass spectrometry
10. D. Dolha About the influence of the suspension hight of the seeds on the medium growing speed of RHE KDP single-crystals
11. I. Milea, C. Sbarciog Calculation of small deformation values using the speckle phenomenon
12. R. Turcan, V. Turcan Darcy's Law - The Law that rules the fluid movement in porous environment Extension for Darcy's Law
13. V. Chis, S. Filip, D. Ristoiu, R. Marcu, M. Oltean, L. David, O. Cozar Theoretical ESR spectrum of 1,3-benzosemiquinone radical
14. V. Chis, S. Botond, S. Laszlo, D. Ristoiu, S. Filip, L. David, O. Cozar Semiepirical and DFT Calculations on Molecular Structure and Properties of N-3-Pyridinylmethanesulfonamide

Cuprins - volumul B

1. S. Nagy, K. Sailer Periodic vacuum of QED1+1
2. S. Nagy, G. Plunien, Z. Schram, G. Soff Casimir energy on a lattice
3. I. Lovas The tomography of quark-gloun plasma by transversal vector mesons
4. G. Ilonca, A. V. Pop, O. Furdui, T. Jurcut, F. Beiusean, E. Macocian, V. Toma Electrical and magnetic properties of MgB2
5. G. Ilonca, V. Toma, A. V. Pop, C. Lung, T. Jurcut, K. Bondor, E. Macocian, F. Beiuseanu Electrical and magnetic properties of RU1-xSBxSr2(Sm0,7Ce0,3)2Cu2O10-γ compounds
6. I. Ardelean, P. Pascuta Comparative structural investigation of 3B2O3•MO (MO•KCl or CaCl2) glass systems containing iron ions by IR spectroscopy
7. I. Ballai, A. Marcu Linear compressional waves in magnetic flux tubes in the double-polytropic approximation: Applications to astrophysicalplasmas (I)
8. A. Marcu, I. Ballai Magnetohydrodynamic modes in a periodic magnetic medium (Incompressible modes)
9. I. Ardelean, M. Toderas, S. Filip, P. Pascuta IR structural investigation of 3B2O3•BaO glasses containing iron ions
10. E. V. Macocian Evaluation of transport properties of HTS in pairing model with d-wave symmetry of pseudogap and superconducting gap
11. E. V. Macocian Evaluation of London penetration depth for a hts system using t-matrix approximation
12. E. V. Macocian Evaluation of thermoelectric power for a HTS system using t-matrix approximation

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